Friday, November 6, 2009

Just a few minutes with a field

A few days ago I saw some things I thought were pretty interesting, all within the same field and within minutes of each other. First thing to catch my attention was the big flock of crows flying in the distance. Half of them looked the brightest shiny silver, just like reflecting mirrors, and the other half were run of the mill black. As they flew, they took turns changing colors, it was really cool to see how the sun did that. It was quite overcast too. I've never noticed their feathers reflect to that degree before. Kind of looked like little "ufo's" lol.

And then, a hawk came flying across the field sooo, sooo slowly, working a zig-zag pattern against the wind no more than 3 or 4 feet above the ground. I mean, I could of walked across that field faster. Finally it saw what it thought it wanted, and hit the ground coming up with a big rat, flew another 40 or 50 feet or so, and dropped it. Rather than going back, it just continued on it's low and slow "stalk" across the field and out of sight. Made me wonder if the rat bit the hawks feet, or if the hawk "just didn't feel like having rat again"?

Maybe a minute or two later, just down the field on the opposite side of me a coyote appeared and was curiously trotting towards the center. It was amazing to see how its coat blended in so perfectly, even though it wasn't an exact color match with it's background. A truck rolled by on the boardering road, and I saw the smoothest disappearing act of my life as the coyote ducked behind a very small clump of dead grass, and was as good as gone. Never to be seen by my eyes again, well... for that day at least.