Monday, May 10, 2010

Tory Discovers Dumpster Diving

I've always been amazed at how Tory is such an easy keeper, that tough 'n hearty little horse can thrive on any quality hay I give her. She has plenty of grass in her field already, but in the summer I throw up a temporary fence out of old 100' extension cords on the front lawn a day or so each week to keep up with the "mowing." It's always worked great, and she loves it. Well, the grass is growing so her pasture was expanded. I woke up the other morning and looked out the window to see my bratty horse out there tearing apart a plastic cereal bag and chewing it up like it was some equine delicacy. lol, by time I ran out there she was eating the cereal box too. :) A couple of black plastic garbage bags were ripped apart and spread all over the place. As I rushed around shooing her away from one chunk of cardboard or plastic, she would get this nasty offended attitude and run to the next and start chomping down on it! And then the next morning my mother looks out to see that she had done the same thing, but this time she is carrying around in her teeth an old teddy bear that mom had thrown out, and was swaying it around lol. My mother took it away and threw it in her dogs outside run, we looked out later to see the dogs wire (chicken wire) bent down as Tory is reaching her neck as far over as she can trying to reach her bear. :) Then she noticed that it felt kinda good and proceeded to itch her neck back and forth until a 10 foot area of wire was bent half way down to the ground. I tell ya, that horse isn't normal! ;)

   She hasn't keeled over in the last few days, so now I'm starting to wonder about her lineage. Raccoon - Goat - Arabian - Quarter Horse - Mule - Chimpanzee? Ya know, last year we were having problems with my aunts geese tearing apart and spreading our garbage bags all over, and then they tore into, ate, and ruined several bags of Tories grain I had stored too. That horse must have been watching their technique, the neighborhood better watch out now!    

Headline: "Teddy Bear toteing horse, hijacks garbage truck..."


Caitlin said...

haha! It is always good to hear your stories Teddy! This one reminded me a lot of our resident green pigeon. I think he and Tory have a lot in common as far as personality goes :)

Teddy said...

LOL, Caitlin now that you mention it I can see a strong resemblance there! We better keep her out of the kitchen.

Jen said...

Teddy, I think I hear rustling and chewing coming from your kitchen. You might want to run in there and see who is chomping thru your pantry ;)

please post more stories!

Teddy said...

WHEW Thanks Jen!That was a close one!! All of the cereal boxes are too far gone to save, but at least the green beans are untouched. ;)Aw, the sugar bag is gone too. Bag and all! LOL